ANN-CHAIN is one of the leading companies in the field of Fastener Systems Equipment and accessories, based in Taiwan and established in 1986. With many years of experience in the fastening industry, we have exported our products to countries all over the world.

As a manufacturer of various reliable Pneumatic Tools and C-Rings, Hog Rings, and Staples, ANN-CHAIN produces products that are used in various applications, including the assembly of car seats, spring mattresses, poultry cages/traps, wire nets, and fencing installations.

In 2006, ANN-CHAIN received CE certification and in 2013, we received ISO certification. Our aim for the future is to become a leader in the production of high-quality fastening products globally, offering fastening solutions and not just fasteners.

At ANN-CHAIN, we are flexible and capable of producing high-quality fasteners in both industry standard sizes and custom sizes. We also provide a comprehensive line of tools and accessories to complement our fasteners. Our team of engineers has over 25 years of experience in the manufacturing and design of various specialty rings.

We have a subsidiary located in China that is part of our Taiwan headquarters. If you have any inquiries regarding special wire diameter combinations, we would be happy to assist you. Additionally, we welcome customized products based on our customer's requirements.